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How the Biden administration, Congress can heal healthcare

Amid the worst health crisis of our lifetimes, American voters ranked the economy and healthcare as top issues in a pre-election Gallup poll, perhaps not a surprise given that an estimated 14.6 million individuals lost employer-sponsored health insurance due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The incoming Biden administration and the 117th Congress can begin to improve the health of our citizens and the American economy with policies that support a sustainable, value-based healthcare system.

The current system of fee-for service medicine aims to drive up the volume of procedures performed, rather than focus on the health and well-being of patients. As evidenced by the pandemic, this costly, fragmented system is causing the loss of life and livelihood in America. Even physicians who historically benefited from the perverse fee-for-service system felt the pain of its illogic during the pandemic pause in services.

Research shows that a system designed to pay for care

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