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Encompass Health reports minor gains in fourth quarter, predicts 8% growth in 2021

Inpatient rehabilitation hospital and home health operator Encompass Health had a minor increase in its 2020 fourth quarter net operating revenue but predicts it will have a stronger 2021, the company said Tuesday.

The Birmingham, Ala.-based company reported net operating revenue of $1.2 billion during the fourth quarter of 2020, up 3% from the previous year. During the third quarter, Encompass experienced a 1% increase in net operating revenue.

“We are pleased with our performance in 2020, which demonstrates the resiliency of our business model,” said Encompass Health President and CEO Mark Tarr said in a prepared statement. “As we look ahead into 2021, we remain confident in our business and long-term prospects.”

The provider projected its operating revenue will rise 8% in 2021.

Encompass Health said growth was tied to favorable pricing in the inpatient rehabilitation segment but noted that those gains were partially offset by lower

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