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How healthcare leaders can manage better during COVID-19

It’s fitting that the issue of unity has become so prevalent in recent weeks. Yes, most of the calls to coalesce are in reference to the state of our union. But the topic has made me introspective about other unions—the ones that so greatly impact us personally and professionally. 

In many ways the rush of daily life has slowed. We’re missing the after-work and weekend social events, the spirited conversations around large conference tables, the gathering at your office’s equivalent of a water cooler.

In some cases it might be that you’re simply too busy trying to survive the economic impact of the pandemic on your business to take a moment to breathe and ask your co-workers how they’re doing. Healthcare organizations also have contributed to the trend of allowing employees to work from home. It’s estimated two-thirds of Americans are now working remotely as a result of COVID. It’s

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