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Oklahoma State Medical Association to challenge state’s Medicaid managed-care program

The Oklahoma State Medical Association on Tuesday said it plans to seek a court injunction against the state’s recently announced $2.1 billion Medicaid managed-care program.

The association plans to challenge the Oklahoma Health Care Authority’s decision to allow UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, Humana Healthy Horizons and Centene Corp. subsidiary Oklahoma Complete Health to manage Medicaid benefits for the state’s 903,000 enrollees come Oct. 1. The initiative, named SoonerSelect, covers lower-income adults, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

The group said it takes issue with private companies operating the state’s Medicaid program, rather than the Health Care Authority. Through SoonerSelect, the state will pay private insurers under a capitated payment model, offering payers a set fee per enrollee to coordinate care and allowing payers to elect how they reimburse providers. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority currently reimburses providers through a fee-for-service model.

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Christian Paths To Well being And Wellness 2E

The importance of health and wellness has certainly come to the forefront of the well being business in the final decade. Cycling: Many Gyms offer a fitness programs utilizing their train cycles. Customers are able to increase or lower the resistance to satisfy their health ranges. It’s a great program it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is. It’s beneficial for firming leg muscle tissue and improving coronary heart and lung function. The body system is a delicate stability of different substances, each of which must be kept within certain ranges considered normal above or under these levels; it may become dangerous for all times. It’s true that, your best wealth is your well being. Diet has performed a great position in the well being of human being and animals.

Branch to Field is a household of farmers that send recent fruit & wholesome snacks to workplaces. Every week is … Read More