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COVID-19 pushes more healthcare CFOs into employee benefits planning

It takes a village to design employee benefits—or, at least the entire executive team, says OhioHealth Chief Financial Officer Mike Browning.

Every year, OhioHealth’s human resources department surveys its 35,000 employees about their health insurance needs. After reviewing responses, HR staff try to match employee needs with plans available in the market. From there, Browning looks over the proposals, taking a strategic eye of what will keep the Columbus, Ohio-based healthcare system competitive. He crunches the numbers to see how employees’ salaries fit in. Of course, in the end, the CEO needs to weigh in on the benefits offered.

“When you look at a health system, the largest expense is salaries, the second largest is supplies and the third largest is benefits,” Browning said. “The CFO needs to be an integral part in that and make sure that, as we make those investments, they’re made the right way and that

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